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The next generation in orange peel measurement

The appearance of paint and plastic surfaces is affected by structures, often referred to as orange peel. In the production of cars and similar multi-component goods many materials are used under various manufacturing processes. The goal - and challenge - is to create a harmonious overall impression of all parts. Especially the paint application process is influenced by many parameters, being paint viscosity, substrate roughness or film thickness, to name just a few examples. Objective measurement data are required for quality communication and to guarantee process stability.

External powder coating maintenance

As with any applied finish exposed to British weather, it is important that a maintenance regime is undertaken to keep it performing and looking well for many years. Pollutants and airborne debris, which are deposited on powder coat finishes through weathering, can simply be cleaned down at the same time as window cleaning using mild detergent solutions. Aluminium window and facade longevity starts with a high quality aluminium substrate pretreatment and powder coat finish as provided by a licensed QUALICOAT applicator.

In-house powder coating line with maximum process control and highest product quality

For more than 60 years the specialist for outdoor shading has been supplying the national and international market from Spain. As a woodworking shop, the family business initially processed wood, but since the 1980s aluminum has been growing. For years, small and complex components were given to an external contract coating company for powder coating. Now a state-of-the-art powder coating system with dense phase technology ensures flexibility, economy and the highest quality.

Pure water for a perfect powder coat

Powder coating is going green. In some cases this is the result of legislation which requires existing process cleaning solutions to be replaced with more environmentally friendly ones. Increasingly, however, it’s coating quality that is the driver. Some coating specifications now demand salt spray testing for more than 1000 hours, and that means that surface preparation is absolutely critical. One of the proven ways of achieving high quality surface preparation is the use of pure water. Mains water contains a wide range of dissolved salts. These are harmless in drinking water but can promote corrosion and poor adhesion of powders to metal surfaces.

UK suppliers of pumps, filters, rectifiers and metal finishing equipment

Hendor-pe UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Hendor BV and Plating Electronic GmbH, established to promote and sell chemical pumps, filter systems, and power supplies for metal finishing, electroplating and other industrial applications. A one-stop supplier for specialist metal finishing equipment, they also provide competitively priced filter media (including cartridges, filter and anode bags and filter papers) and immersion heaters to a wide and varied UK customer base from their sales office in Manchester.