PCA installs second water treatment plant at Smart Systems

PCA has already 30 years of experience in water treatment and water purification in different sectors. The surface treatment industry is an important one. After all, it is a sector in which a lot of wastewater is produced and discharged. PCA has already designed and built several effluent pretreatment plants, which ensure that companies can re-use their wastewater. Robby Knaepen, responsible for sales and projects, will discuss one of their cases.

Smart Systems is a leading supplier of aluminum profiles and glazing systems for commercial and private purposes in the United Kingdom. “We already placed and launched a first water treatment plant with Smart Systems in 2010”, Robby says, “Thanks to the company’s steady growth over the last few years, and consequently the desire to double their production, a new installation was needed. They contacted us for the construction and assembly of a new water treatment installation.”

As in the previous project, this installation was also going to be used to treat the wastewater that was used during the pretreatment process of the aluminum profiles. During this pretreatment, the profiles are degreased, etched  and passivated in order to apply a qualitative lacquer layer which protects the aluminum from corrosion.

“The pretreatment line is a vertical tunnel that must be continuously provided with demineralized water”, explains Robby, “however there are different possible ways to accomplish this. For Smart Systems, we installed an ion exchanger capable of producing 12m3/h of demin water. This happens in a closed loop so that only a limited amount of wastewater is being produced during this process.”

The purification phase of the wastewater from the various processes of the pretreatment line is based on a physico-chemical purification with different steps of coagulation, neutralization and flocculation. In a next step, the formed sludge is dewatered through a chamber filter press. Plates with filter cloths are used to compress the sludge with a pressure of 15 bars.

A break tank, installed by PCA, provides the complete production plant of tap and rain water. “All of this ensures that this water treatment plant is capable of purifying 4 m3/h of wastewater, which is quite impressive if I may say so”, announces Robby proudly. “We have already used this formula successfully several times.”

Despite its location in the UK, this project was also fully executed by PCA using our own technicians and engineers. “We are a small team that works in a very flexible way. For example, we are not dependent on certain suppliers, which means that we can meet specific customer requirements without any problems. Especially technical services from large companies sometimes have a clear preference for parts of certain brands. Most customers choose to follow up their own water treatment and sludge processing, but we can also relieve them of this burden in this respect: one of our employees is permanently involved in the monitoring of installations, according to the periodicity desired by the customer.”

Next to the physico-chemical technology, PCA also has a lot of experience with evaporators.  Thanks to this technology, the client can recover 90 to 95% of the effluent and there is no wastewater anymore to sent to the sewer.

If you have any questions or demands, for a new plant or an upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@pcawater.com