Chris Buckle and his son Philip know finishing

Chris sprayed his first car at 7 years old with his own father, and was determined to build a business that reflected his passions as well as his personal values. Honesty, versatility, and a keen dedication to learning are the hallmarks of Mikris Finishers Ltd., located in the heart of Gloucestershire, England.

Over 53 years of spraying have given Chris an acute understanding of the tools and techniques of the trade, yet his pioneering spirit has pushed him to investigate ways to make his business stand out against the competition and stay ahead of the curve.

“I was the first person in Gloucester to try powder coating,” explains Chris. “We believe in doing lots of experimental R&D to decide what’s best for us and our customers.”

Chris and Philip first encountered MS at Surface World 2016 in Birmingham, where they attended with a mission in mind: find something better. Their current powder coating system was causing them some issues, with an unreliable power supply and a tendency to blow powder beyond their target – “about one-third ended up on the deck.” After speaking to the MS representative and explaining their issues, true to their exploratory nature, Mikris trialled four powder coating systems to determine the best solution.

Against three major manufacturers, the MS unit stood out to Chris and Philip. As a family-run business with a variety of unique work coming through the door each day, Mikris needed a powder coating system that could provide quick material change, as well as versatile settings and powder transfer savings. Many of their projects require more than one coat, meaning that their downtime in switching out material was a crucial consideration.

As Chris notes, “We thought long and hard about it. With this equipment being an important investment in our business, it was a big decision.”

After witnessing the MS topcoater® Speedy display its abilities with colour changes in under 30 seconds, easy operator cleaning, high transfer efficiency, and touch screen control settings, Mikris chose to invest in one for themselves. Their results were exceptional.

“The topcoater® is a far superior piece of kit to anything we’ve used before,” details Philip. “All the personalised variations of labelled settings mean we can easily choose the right setting for the job. We never have a problem with adhesion, and it doesn’t blow too much air in the powder. Our frames are finished consistently better and smoother – everything comes out like glass. The finishes are absolutely stunning. It does everything you want it to.”

Mikris and the father-son team continue to experience positive results from the MS unit, even hearing one previously sceptical employee mention about a motorcycle respray project, “wait until I’m using the MS, it goes on better.” The MS topcoater® Speedy has helped Mikris drastically reduce transfer waste and maintain a cleaner work environment, getting jobs done more quickly and keeping their customers happy.

“When you’ve been at it this long, it’s important not to stop learning,” says Chris. “We’re excited to try new technology that helps us do our job better. MS allows us to stay at the cutting edge and keep learning.”